Take the 60-Second Self-Funded Quiz

Wondering if self-funded insurance is the right solution for your company or client? Take the following one-minute quiz and find out:

Are you concerned about your medical health plan renewal increases?

Would you appreciate regular monthly health plan reviews and renewal reporting?

Do you feel like there are very few insurance carrier options at renewal time?

Would you like to be able to obtain medical claims experience for your medical plan?

Would you like the ability to make plan design changes based on claim utilization reports to help you with your benefit level decisions?

Are your employees complaining about the service they get from your insurance company?

Do you believe you have a healthy employee base?

Would you like to be able to offer out-of-state employees the same benefit plan?

Would you like to have more provider networks available to your employees?

Would you like to eliminate the need and cost to re-enroll your employees in a new health plan just to save premium dollars?

Are you tired of insurance carriers who don’t provide personalized attention?

Would you like to reduce your health plan cost by 20% or more?

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